Florida Horse Park Winter Classic

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Welcome Exhibitors, Trainers, and Sponsors;

It gives us great pleasure to announce the formation of the inaugural 2020 Florida Horse Park Winter Classic! The Horse Park has been built from the ground up and offers a 500-acre, multipurpose facility and is one of Central Florida’s premiere venues for equine, agricultural, educational, and sporting events. We are very excited to be producing one of the only "A" horse shows to be added to the January USEF calendar in over a decade in Central Florida.

I would like to thank the exhibitors and trainers who have reach out to us, and voiced their support for the Florida Horse Park Winter Classic. We still have a long way to go, and need the support of dedicated trainers, exhibitors and sponsors in order to make this show a success. Every member of the AIR Show Jumping team will work tirelessly to ensure the success of the show! As the fall season progresses we will be posting updates to our website and facebook page, so be sure to join our mailing list using the "Join out Mailing List" link.

The Florida Horse Park has unparalleled amenities including:
Beautiful 350 acres of manicured grass fields
320 permanent stalls
State of the art Covered Arena (212′ x 375′) with clay/sand footing
State of the Art Arenas with Martin Collins Clopf Fiber Footing and the innovative Dammann Risohorse Irrigation System. 2- (250′ x 350′) and 2 – (140′ x 240′)
Two Grass Arenas: Derby Field – (300′ x 500′) and secondary derby field (250′ x 350′)

If you have any questions about the horse show, or would like to be more involved please feel free to contact us!

Good luck to all our exhibitors!