2021 FHP Vendor Opportunities Event Calendar

USEA Recognized Horse Trials: February 12-14 / March 20-21 / June 5-6 / August 21-22 / October 16-17

International Festival of Eventing: April 14-18

POP Shows: April 24-25 / May 8-9 / June 12-13 / July 24-25 / August 28-29 / September 25-26 / October 30-31 / December 18-19

USEF / WDAA Western Dressage: May 15-16 / June 19-20 / September 4-5


USEA Recognized Horse Trials, International Festival of Eventing, USEF/WDAA, Western Dressage: $100/day/vendor with or without electricity

Winter Wednesdays and POP Shows: Free of Charge

Space Assignments

Space assignments will be made for applications received one week prior to the event. There will be a FHP Representative on site during set-up day (day prior to each event) to show vendors where they can set up.

To apply for one of the above events, please click the Next button below and fill out this form. Please keep in mind the Event name and date you wish to apply for and the cost associated with that event, if any.

Vendor Application